Untitled (mask)

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Edition of 50

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 27.9 x 24.1 cm (11 x 9 ½ in)


Signed and numbered, accompanied by a signed hardcover book


Published by Phaidon, 2020


Untitled (mask) is a signed limited-edition silkscreen print by American multidisciplinary artist Adam Pendleton. Each print from the exclusive edition of 50 is enclosed in a bespoke portfolio, and accompanied by a signed hardback edition of Adam Pendleton’s monograph published by Phaidon. Pendleton creates collages from material found in books and from his own writings and drawings, silk-screening them onto sheets of transparent film. Untitled (mask) features a photocopied image of a mask from the Dan people of Liberia. Translated onto a clear substrate and layered with repetitive markings, the mask, several times removed from its source, hovers between transparency and opacity.


Adam Pendleton’s multidisciplinary practice, which includes painting, collage, film, and publishing, re-contextualises historical and theoretical positions on abstraction, blackness, and the avant-garde. Pendleton describes his work as ‘Black Dada’, a phrase originated by the poet Amiri Baraka.