Palindrome (Oro)

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From a series of four layered archival pigment prints


Edition of 40

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 74 x 63.3 cm (29 x 25 in)


Signed and titled by the artist on the front, numbered on the reverse


Published by Manifold Editions, 2024

£1,250 excl. VAT / sales tax

*The above price is to purchase this edition unframed. To enquire about framing, please contact us. For the purchase of two or three editions from the Palindrome series a 10% discount will be applied at checkout. For the purchase of the full set of four Palindrome editions a 15% discount will be applied at checkout.


Boo Saville’s new Palindrome editions draw on her recent  Division paintings. In this series, Saville explores how blurred geometrical lines, formed in symmetry, can present new ways of accessing colour through perfectly balanced, soft blends.


The title Palindrome refers to a word, sentence, verse, or number that reads the same backwards and forwards. Each edition is titled after a palindrome (Illi, Amma, Ecce, and Oro), offering an aural and typographical equivalent to the visual interchangeability of the vertical lines. Each of the four editions, as with their titles, can be encountered in multiple directions. The image is in a constant state of optical flux, rooted by a central linear point.


Boo Saville elaborates: “I have recently started to explore symmetry in the composition of my work. I am seeking a sense of balance.

The line is a proposition. It represents the centre of yourself. 

Although we associate a line with drawing, it’s also foundational to painting. It is used to define the edges or boundaries of a subject. The quality of this line, the gentle blur is the ever moving and evolving self. I am asking you to pay attention to this and consider its value.

The centre is something that suggests you are at peace with yourself; it is self-acceptance. I am endlessly fascinated by colour relationships – how they play with each other, and how we interpret this from day to day.”


Published by Manifold Editions, 2024.