Fifty Etchings (No 6)

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Edition of 30

Sheet Size

Sheet Size: 42.5 x 36.5 cm (14 ½ x 16 ½ in)


Signed by the artist & numbered on reverse


Published in 2005


Le Brun’s Fifty Etchings reflect the artist’s enjoyment of the etching process. They are delicately worked images inviting close scrutiny. Le Brun is often inspired by poetry and music. Among the literary sources for Fifty Etchings are John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and Dante’s Inferno. In this series Le Brun is artist and author at the same time. He even introduces the poet as storyteller in one of the prints. Despite the many sources, prior knowledge of them is no pre-requisite for enjoyment of his work as its themes and motifs are universal and not fixed in time.