On the Way to Work 04

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Edition of 25

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 20.1 x 27.3 cm (7 7/8 x 10 ¾ in)


Signed and numbered by the artist on the reverse


Published by Hole Editions, 2017


“These recent prints show what looks like a country road. In fact it is about a ten-minute walk from my childhood home on the estate where we lived. The estate was on the edge of Coventry and this road took you very swiftly from the built environment to the countryside. My dad would bring us on walks along this road, which led to a small village called Berkswell. You could say that the walk along this road as it bordered fields and trees and the village it led to was the opposite of the daily life on the estate. I think it came to symbolise for my dad an escape from the mundane into a place where thinking could be allowed to happen. At least the possibility of thought.” – George Shaw.