Hell… It’s Only Forever 1

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Edition of 50

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 102.5 x 70.8 cm (40 3/8 x 27 7/8 in)


Signed by the artist on the front, numbered on the reverse


Published by Manifold Editions, 2020


Hell… It’s Only Forever 1, a new edition by artist and writer Harland Miller, is taken from the painting of the same title from Miller’s series, Hell Paintings. The Hell Paintings are inspired by the bold and energised ‘go faster’ graphic design style which started appearing on lorries and commercial vehicles in the 1980s. Miller spent a great deal of time watching these vehicles pass him by on his endless coach journeys all over the world. This edition has been a number of years in the making, based on the first Hell painting exhibited at Miller’s 2016 solo show at Blain Southern, Berlin. Numerically, Hell 1 seems a good place to start.


Miller describes, “There isn’t a visual sense of trauma in these paintings. Linguistically ‘hell’ is simply an intensifier… While I do admire the more literal depictions of hell… I wanted to do the opposite – to create a series, incorporating contrasting ideas and approaches, with gravitas.”