Orchard Tambourine B 07

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Edition of 35

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 37.3 x 37.3 cm (14 ¾ x 14 ¾ in)


Signed by the artist & numbered on reverse


Published in 2002


Orchard Tambourine B was inspired by collages Frost had made using leftovers of canvas and card mounts. He decided to develop its vibrantly colourful theme further, like a musical fugue. The title pays tribute to the master printer Hugh Stoneman, as located at Orchard Flower Farm, Cornwall, and whose guidance and exacting standards were instrumental in the making of this series. The second part of the title references the percussion instrument, the shape of which is echoed in the print. Frost’s wish was that the viewer should derive as much enjoyment from the sets as the artist himself in the process of their creation.