Koodge in the Velvet Night

Additional information


Edition variable reduction woodcut


Edition Variable (E.V) of 10

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 101 x 120.5 cm (39 7/8 x 47 1/2 in)


Signed and numbered by the artist on the front


Published by Hammick Editions, 2022


Published in a limited edition of only 10 unique variables, Koodge in the Velvet Night depicts the artist’s sister looking towards the silhouette of a hill in the distance. Tom Hammick describes how she acts as “intercessor between the onlooker and the creation around her; almost like a renaissance panel painting of St Francis of Assisi feeding the birds or John the Baptist in the Wilderness.” From the darkness, contours of flowers, leaves, trees, and the horizon come into focus. Katie Franklin describes: “The figure’s path is uncertain, and she’s caught, like many of Hammick’s subjects, paused as though deep in thought.”