Night Falls

Additional information


Edition variable reduction woodcut


Edition Variable (E.V) of 12

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 90 x 120.5 cm (35 1/2 x 47 1/2 in)


Signed and numbered by the artist on the front


Published by Hammick Editions, 2022


Published in a very limited edition of 12 unique variables, Night Falls encapsulates an imaginative landscape rather than one locality. This edition draws on Hammick’s interest in dreamscapes and night-time scenes, accentuated by the quality of moving shadows. Hammick describes: “The smaller scale of the two figures in Night Falls exaggerates the vast organism like shapes of trees and clumps of flowers. It’s as if they are walking through fields of iridescent kelp and seaweed, swaying in the current. In moonlight these daisies and bushes become so exaggerated in the imagination that they loom large with their gargantuan shapes.”