Northern Shore

Additional information


Edition variable reduction woodcut with stencil spray painting


Edition Variable (E.V) of 9

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 93 x 128 cm (36 1/2 x 50 1/2 in)


Signed and numbered by the artist on the front


Published by Hammick Editions, 2023


Published in a very limited edition of 9 unique variables, Northern Shore depicts a small house by the sea, glowing in phosphorescent light. The bright windows hint at activity inside, containing possible figures looking out over the quiet seascape. Compositionally evocative of Andrew Wyeth Christina’s World, Hammick’s figures instead consist of scattered rocks that almost lead the viewer into the space above. Hammick describes the importance of space and motion to his work: “When you draw something, you’re immediately making decisions about what information to put on the page. It helps you push and pull the space, almost like you’re weaving, and brands a memory of the moment onto your brain.”