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Edition of 75

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 46 x 66.4 cm (18 x 26 1/5 in)


Signed by the artist & numbered on reverse


Published by Manifold Editions, 2016

£800 excl. VAT / sales tax

March marks Manifold Editions’ third collaboration with Elizabeth Magill. The title of the lithograph refers to its meaning both as a boundary as well as the beginning of spring. March is printed using Magill’s favoured technique of lithography. In her painted works, Magill delicately imposes layer after layer of colour until the image takes on an ageless quality, as though coming to us from a distant past. Transforming the subject into the medium of lithograph gives the artist the chance to vary colour composition and texture to create new effects of mood and atmosphere. To create this print, eleven lithographic plates and colours were printed on top of one-another to create the final image.