Revolving Love (Blue)

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Screenprint with embossing


Edition of 60

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 70 x 70 cm (27 ½ x 27 ½ in)


Signed by the artist on the front, numbered on the reverse


Published by Manifold Editions, 2022

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Revolving Love exists in a sea of reference; a playful take on Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE letters (1964-), where the letter ‘O’ begins to topple over. Turk has exaggerated this effect, creating LOVE letters that almost appear to spin 360-degrees.


Printed in two colourways, Revolving Love create a dizzying illusion inspired by Op Art, where the letters rotate and pulsate as the complimentary colours oscillate. The series also closely references Richard Hamilton’s Epiphany (1963-1989), with its ribald statement across the surface with the words, ‘SLIP IT TO ME’, as well as the stuttering colourways of Marcel Duchamp’s Fluttering Hearts (1961).


The button-like shape of each edition – enhanced by the high-gloss varnish surface and embossing – can also be seen to reference Gavin Turk’s infamous 1991 degree show sculpture, where he exhibited a glossy ceramic blue heritage plaque titled Cave.