Six Snapshots of Julie 02

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Edition of 48

Sheet Size

Sheet Size: 72.5 x 48.5 cm (28 ½ x 19 1/8 in)


Signed by the artist & numbered on reverse


Published in 2015


Julie Cope is a fictional everywoman created by the artist to celebrate the extraordinary nature of ordinary lives. Now intensively documented by Grayson Perry in tapestries, prints, a graphic installation, an audio biography, The Ballad of Julie Cope, and even the specially designed A House for Essex, Julie has achieved a soaring level of reality in a narrative extending from her birth in 1953 to her untimely death in a tragic accident. Throughout, Julie’s fictional being is lived in a traditionally hardworking area of Essex, to the east of London, a background in which Perry himself grew up. These woodcuts portray scenes from Julie’s life with the touching, unpretentious intimacy of a family album.