Portrait with a Seahorse Necklace

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Edition of 100

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 28.3 x 24.1 cm (11 1/8 x 9 1/2 in)


Signed and numbered, accompanied by a signed hardcover book


Published by Phaidon, 2021


Portrait with a Seahorse Necklace is a woodcut of the pastel with the same name Nicolas Party made in 2018, and beautifully conveys the artist’s predilection for the delicate medium of soft pastel. Party describes how he “decided to do a woodcut version of my pastel titled ‘Portrait with a Seahorse Necklace’. In this portrait, a figure wears a seahorse necklace. Seahorses are unique: They only have one partner during the course of their life. And the male partner carries the babies.” This bold woodcut shows a mysterious and emblematic figure, drawing out Party’s interest in androgynous portraiture and graphic patterns. This edition is presented in a bright yellow portfolio alongside a signed hardback edition of Nicolas Party’s Phaidon monograph.


Nicolas Party is known for his colour-saturated paintings of everyday objects, with distinctly personal yet accessible and immediately recognisable iconography – bright, graphic patterns applied to canvases, ceramics, furniture, floors, ceilings, doorways and walls. He captures the essence of his subjects in spontaneous and inventive ways, heightening their physical and emotional resonance.