Rosy Fingered Dawn

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Screenprint on gold leaf


Edition of 100

Sheet Size

Sheet size: 81 x 100 cm (31 ¾ x 39 ⅓ in)


Signed, titled and numbered on the front


Published by Manifold Editions, 2013

£1,500 excl. VAT / sales tax

“Im interested in the cognitive landscape, the terrain that one sees, somewhere behind the eyes.” – Paul Morrison. In 2013 Manifold Editions published three screenprints with Sheffield artist Paul Morrison, whose enigmatic botanical landscapes and night gardens combine familiar and unfamiliar elements of plant forms and flowers with motifs ranging from renaissance art to Lichtenstein and 1960s Op Art. Morrison’s intensely linear work typically disrupts proportions so that tiny plants become huge and massive trees shrink, creating an unsettling experience that leads the viewer to a “cognitive landscape” lying beyond the image plane. The title Rosy Fingered Dawn is taken from a Willem de Kooning painting.